Privacy Policy

Who AI Chain Trader is?

We are AI Chain Trader, a trading platform dedicated to enhancing the overall trading experience for new and experienced traders.

Comment Privacy

Prior to making individuals' comments visible to the public on our website, we conduct a thorough check of their IP address, along with their browser identification details. This dual verification process helps minimize the likelihood of spam comments. It is also worth mentioning that each user is assigned a coded sequence, known as a hash, derived from their email, ensuring the authenticity of the Avatar. Once this verification is complete, your comment, along with your account name and image, will be displayed on the site.


When uploading media to the AI Chain Trader website, please refrain from including images that store geographical information, known as EXIF GPS. These embedded photos may pose a risk, as other users could potentially download them and extract geographical details contained within. Stay cautious about sharing unintentional location data through images.

Cookie Policy

Ever wondered about the magic behind signing in to AI Chain Trader Well, we've got a handy feature that lets you save your name and login details. Now, let's talk about the first cookie you encounter when you land on the AI Chain Trader log-in page. Its main job is to check if your browser is cool with our cookies. The best part? It's like a ghost cookie – no info is taken, and it poofs away the moment you close your browser.

We also have a collection of cookies working behind the scenes to spruce up the website's visuals. These cookies hang around for a year, ensuring a consistently pleasing user interface. There are also cookies handling your sign-in info. They stick around for two days, making sure your login process stays swift during that time. Feeling a bit lazy and want to stay signed in longer? No worries! Opt for the "keep me signed in" option, and these cookies will hang around like your virtual doorman for a fortnight.

Content from other Websites

We often integrate content like articles, images, graphics, and interactive materials from external sources. Now, here's the interesting part: these third-party integrations use cookies. These cookies do more than just admire the virtual scenery; they collect information about how you engage with our website and also how you interact with the embedded content from other sources.

But hold on, there's also a privacy guard in place. The cookies that keep tabs on your interactions and usage of the service only kick into action when you're actively signed into the website. So, it's like your digital assistant, working to enhance your experience, but only when you're present and engaged.

Who else Can See your Data

We only check your IP address when you're changing your password. The alteration request email, necessary for a successful password change, will include your IP address. This ensures the security of your account during this specific process.

How Long do we Keep your Data?

When you leave comments on AI Chain Trader, we keep both the comment and its relevant metadata indefinitely. This allows us to identify and validate your subsequent comments without making you wait in a moderation queue.

Additionally, any information you include in your profile, such as images and personal details, will be retained. Users have the flexibility to modify all account information except for their username, and administrators also have the authority to make changes.

Rights and Information at AI Chain Trader

As a user of this online trading platform, you can request all your user information, including personal details, and ask for any information we have about you to be deleted. Additionally, when visitors leave comments, their metadata is processed through an automatic spam identification service, ensuring a secure and positive user experience.