Terms and Conditions

Please review the following terms and conditions before using our service.

Interpretations and Definitions

Definitions and Understanding

The capitalized terms introduced at the beginning hold consistent meanings under specified conditions. These definitions remain unchanged, applying uniformly whether in plural or singular form.


Let's explore the term 'affiliate.' An affiliate is any entity that is either controlled by, exercises control over, or shares common control with a specific party. Here, the concept of 'control' goes beyond simply influence; it involves ownership of 50 percent or more of equity. This ownership can extend to stocks, granting voting permissions for the appointment of managerial authority positions. Understanding these definitions is key to navigating the terms and conditions effectively.

'Account' signifies an individual account set up for users who want to access the AI Chain Trader trading platform and its features.

The term 'nation' specifically designates Singapore in this context.

When we talk about 'External Digital Media Solutions,' we're referring to any content – like tools, info, or services – from an outside source. These are things made available or shown through the AI Chain Trader platform.

When we say 'website,' we're talking about the AI Chain Trader platform. You can reach it by typing in this specific address.

Now, when we use the term 'you,' we mean the user – that's you! It includes anyone using or engaging with the service, corporation, company, or legal entity in a way that fits. So, whenever you see 'you,' know it's all about the individual making things happen on our platform.


Let's talk about acknowledgment. When you use this Service, there are specific rules and requirements in place. These not only guide how you use the service but also form a contract between the user and the Company. In these agreements, you'll find all the details about what users are responsible for and what rights they have when using the Service.

Your involvement with and use of the platform depend on your agreement with the Terms and Conditions laid out here. These terms are for everyone and anyone else interacting with the platform and its features.

As you dive into using the Service, make sure to stick to these Terms. If you come across anything you don't agree with, it's best to avoid accessing the Service altogether. It's all about ensuring a smooth and fair experience for everyone involved.

It's important to recognize that to use AI Chain Trader , you need to be at least 18 years old. This online trading platform doesn't allow individuals under the age of 18 to use the platform.

When you engage with the platform and make use of its services, your actions are based on your agreement with the platform’s Privacy Policy. This policy outlines how we handle, use, and share user data when you use our Website or Application.

Registering with AI Chain Trader

When registering with AI Chain Trader , it's essential to provide accurate information during registration. If there are inaccuracies, it goes against the terms and may result in your account being deactivated right away. As the user, it's your job to keep your password safe and sound.

Sharing your password with third parties is a no-go. If someone unauthorized tries to access your account, let us know right away. It's a team effort to keep everything secure. Also, it's a big "no" to pretending to be someone else or using a name or trademark without proper permission. Let's keep things honest and straightforward in the AI Chain Trader community.

Intellectual Property

Let's delve into Intellectual Property Protections. This platform along with all its content, features, and characteristics, belongs exclusively to AI Chain Trader and its licensors. To make sure everything stays as it should, this Service is shielded by trademark, copyright, and other regulations, both within our home country and internationally.


We have the authority to suspend or shut down your account without giving prior notice, especially if you're found breaking any of the Terms we mentioned earlier. When your account gets suspended, your user privileges will also come to a halt. If you want to deactivate your account yourself, just stop using the service.

Other Website’s Links

This online trading platform might have links to services or websites outside AI Chain Trader ’s ownership. Here's the thing: we are not responsible for what goes on in those external services or websites. Their practices, content, and privacy policies are their own business. When you agree to the Terms, you're saying you understand that the platform won't be held responsible for any loss or damage that might happen when you use content from these external websites.

Disclaimer for “As Available” and “As Is”

AI Chain Trader trading platform is handed over to you in its current state, with all the quirks and imperfections, and without any guarantees. The platform and its Affiliates explicitly declare that they disclaim all warranties, whether implied or expressed. This covers aspects like merchantability and suitability among others. AI Chain Trader promise that the Service will meet your needs, run without glitches, or adhere to particular reliability standards.

It's worth noting that in some countries, certain types of warranties cannot be excluded. So, if you happen to be in one of those places, we'll apply exclusions to the extent allowed by the relevant laws.

Governing Law

The Terms follow the laws of the nation, and additional regulations may apply based on your location.

Conflict Resolution

If you have issues, try resolving them informally.

AI Chain Trader Users from the EU:

EU users' complaints follow their local laws.

US Legal Compliance:

By using this Service, you confirm that you are not currently residing in a country under US government embargo or labeled as a 'terror-supporting' nation.

Language Priority:

If there's a discrepancy in translations, the original English version prevails.

Invalid Clauses:

If any part of these conditions is invalid, it will be interpreted to reflect its intended purpose.

Violation Consequences:

Ignoring a violation doesn't mean subsequent ones will be overlooked.

Alterations to these Terms and Conditions

AI Chain Trader has the authority to update these Terms and Conditions as needed. If there are significant changes that affect users, the platform will make reasonable efforts to provide a 30-day notice, though the determination of what's significant is at the platform’s discretion. By using the Service after such modifications, you're agreeing to the updated conditions. If you disagree, please avoid using the Service.

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